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15 June 2015

Landslides in Art Part 22: Aberfan (7 pianos, percussion, voice and tools of rescue)

Laura Siersema, an American composer, has written a modern composition to mark the 50th anniversary of the Aberfan disaster next year


4 February 2015

Harbury Tunnel landslide: an update from Network Rail

Yesterday Network Rail released more information, and some good images, of the Harbury Tunnel landslide in Central England. The images suggest a complex failure mechanism involving 350,000 tonnes of material


2 February 2015

The Harbury tunnel and cutting landslide in Central England

A major landslide occurred in the Harbury cutting and tunnel in Warwickshire, England on Saturday, blocking an important railway line


19 December 2014

My latest paper: Patterns of movement at the Ventnor landslide on the Isle of Wight

In my latest paper, just published in the journal Landslides, my co-authors and I examine monitoring data for the Ventnor landslide in southern England


7 April 2014

Two new landslide videos: Hannover Point, UK and Jalisco, Mexico

A large landslide in Jalisco, Mexico Liveleak has this new video of a large landslide that apparently occurred in Jalisco in Mexico over the weekend.  I know no more details, but the impatient driver of the red car was lucky that the landslide did not occur 20 seconds later: .. A small landslide at Hannover Point Meanwhile there is a much better quality video of a somewhat less dramatic landslide …


20 March 2014

Dawlish: inducing landslide failure using firehoses

At Dawlish in SW England Network Rail are trying to mitigate a landslide by inducing failure using fire hoses


11 March 2014

Forthcoming lectures: Leeds (tonight!), Durham, and Cockermouth

Details of three forthcoming public lectures that I am presenting or chairing, in Leeds, Durham and Cockermouth


17 February 2014

New paper: the role of fatigue in rockfalls

A review of our new paper (Brain et al 2014) that examines the role of fatigue in rockfall generation


8 January 2014

Remarkable coastal change from the recent UK storms

It is becoming clear that the recent UK storms have markedly altered the rock coasts of parts of England


4 January 2014

Hastings rockfall: dramatic new landslide videos from southern England

New videos have appeared on Youtube over the last 24 hours of a large, dramatic rock cliff collapse at Rock-A-Nore near Hastings in East Sussex, England


5 November 2013

Landslides in Art Part 19: Geoff Townson

Geoff Townson is an artist who is also a trained geologist based in Dorset, England, so it is unsurprising that much of his work features landslides


4 April 2013

Caveat Emptor part 2 – the end game

Over the last few months a house in Torquay, England has been progressively lost to a landslide. This post presents a series of photos of its collapse


12 March 2013

An interesting new rockslide video on Youtube

A small rockslide on a Cornish slope has been captured in action in a high quality video


5 March 2013

A spectacular landslide from the Isle of Wight

Images have appeared of a spectacular landslide at Totland on the Isle of Wight, which has developed over the course of the winter probably in response to the recent heavy rainfall


4 March 2013

New images of the Hatfield Colliery (coal mine) landslide in northern England

New images have appeared on Twitter of the Hatfield Colliery landslide. These show some amazing deformation patterns at the toe of the landslide


19 February 2013

More images of the Hatfield Stainforth coal mine landslide

Over the last few days several people have provided photographs of the Hatfield Stainforth coal mine landslide. These suggest that movement of the toe has reduced or even ceased


15 February 2013

New aerial photos of the Hatfield Stainforth colliery landslide

A new set of images have been distributed by Network Rail showing the Hatfield Stainforth colliery landslide. The slope has moved considerably, although the landslide has a greater horizontal component than was initially obvious


14 February 2013

The geology and a possible mechanism of the Hatfield Stainforth colliery landslide

The geology map of the Hatfield Stainforth landslide site shows the site is underlain by alluvium. This suggests a bearing capacity failure


13 February 2013

The Hatfield Stainforth colliery landslide – an update suggesting that it has been moving since yesterday

New images have emerged of the Hatfield Stainforth landslide that suggest continued ground deformation is occurring. Repairs are now estimated to take eight weeks after the colliery have stabilised the site. This is going to be a non-trivial task.


An unusual colliery landslide yesterday – Hatfield Stainforth in Northern England

A remarkable colliery at Hatfield Stainforth near Doncaster yesterday has caused large-scale disruption to a railway line