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11 February 2016

Einstein’s Gravity Waves Are Real

The American Physical Society has a good write up on the gravity wave discovery announced today here. AP Science writer Seth Borenstein has some background as well. The actual published paper is here: More on how LIGO works here:


8 February 2016

60 Minutes of Real Climate Science

It’s almost impossible for the average person with no science background to get good basic info about climate change (on TV or online). So, here’s some information that you can rely on. First dispelling a popular myth, and then a lecture by Dr. Michael Mann to Physics students at the Univ. of Virginia recently. Regurgitated Climate Myth Those who find the truth extremely inconvenient to their political worldview, love to …


7 February 2016

If Journalism is About Truth, Then Why Are Top Newspapers Knowingly Publishing This Lie

Astrology is bunk. Hopefully you know that, but it really does beg the question of why almost every Sunday paper in America will publish a load of silly lies tomorrow, and yes it does matter. Science literacy is a serious issue in America, and I know this because not ONE of the top Republican candidates for President of the United States will admit that climate change is real, much less …


21 January 2016

Historic Storm Aims for the Mid-Atlantic. Why it’s so hard to predict it!

There is little doubt that a major and perhaps historic blizzard will hit DC, Baltimore, and up toward Philadelphia Friday afternoon, lingering into late Saturday night. Winds will be very high along the Maryland, Delaware, and New Jersey coasts, with gusts well above 60 mph, and significant coastal flooding. There’s very high confidence in this forecast based on a close agreement among all the numerical weather models, but the details …


17 January 2016

Meteo-Tsunami in Naples Area

  A rare event seems to have happened in SW Florida this morning, as a strong squall line moved through. It’s called a meteo-tsunami, and it pushed water levels up by over 5 feet! The squall line also produced at least two tornadoes, with one of them causing significant damage to 14 homes near Cape Coral. A real clue that this was indeed a meteo tsunami, is the pressure couplet recorded by the Naples tide buoy. …


22 December 2015

Why Meteorologists Don’t Go By The Same Seasons You Do

To most folks today marks the first full day of winter in the Northern Hemisphere, but to we meteorologists, it’s been winter since the first of December. NOAA’s National Climate center has written a nice piece today on why we do it that way. Click the image below to read it, and you will see that it makes a lot of sense.   It may not feel like winter int …


16 December 2015

Why They Lost- Climate Denial Becomes A Stand-up Comedy Routine

  You might think that I’m going to tell you that it’s faked, but no, the graph is absolutely correct! Really! It’s also yellow journalism, and the end to the journalistic reputation of the folks who put it out (Unless they want to retract it and apologize). I added a little value to this graphic that will explain why it’s so egregious. Andy Revkin at the New York Times decided …


29 November 2015

Some Thoughts About The Coming Winter: Part One

This time of year it’s the number one question that every meteorologist hears: “What’s the winter going to like??” The correct answer is, “We can’t predict the weather 3 months in advance with any real accuracy.”. That said, we can make some decent guesses about the climate patterns that we may see, in some areas more than others. First, let me show you why we really cannot use numerical weather …


6 November 2015

Someone Needs Some Support

Food science is way out of my knowledge base but when I see someone who is doing great science communication being hounded away from it, I want to help. Kevin Folta has a popular podcast about food science called Talking Biotech. Unfortunately, the following note was posted on his Facebook page today: I think the following quote from Isaac Asimov sums up the state of affairs we find ourselves in these …


11 October 2015

Learn This, and Become Immune from Cults and Conspiracy Theories

So, in just one (two-part) blog post, I propose to keep you from falling into a crazy cult, or posting one of those crazy videos on YouTube about chemtrails, or the Moon landing hoax. Beware though, if you think what I’m saying is silly, then you’re at high risk already.  It’s more than just the politicians in Alaska, who tell people with a straight face, that climate change is a …


3 October 2015

We Owe Europe A Lot Of Money For Letting Us See Their Weather Model

Let’s assume that the European Center for Medium Range Forecasting did not exist, or perhaps that it does, but their ECMWF weather model was top- secret, and no one outside of their office was allowed to see it. That’s a real nightmare scenario because if it were not for the Euro model, we would have likely seen major evacuations, or they would have been underway, when the U.S. models finally …


17 September 2015

How Fear Drives American Politics

His TED talk is a MUST watch.


9 September 2015

Amazing View of North America at Night with the Aurora as Well

The Suomi Satellite continues to give us amazing pictures of our planet. hat tip to CIMMS for the image.


3 September 2015

What Dr Shepherd Said…

Meteorologists, and climate researchers, meet a lot of folks who live on the left side of the diagram above. Click the image below to read this “spot on” commentary by Dr. Marshall Shepherd, who is both, and past President of the American Meteorological Society. 


26 August 2015

Four Physics Videos Everyone Should Watch

I really love the fact that physicists are sharing physics so widely online. There are some fabulous videos that will blow your mind, and teachers, you really consider spending some time in class watching them. So, with that in mind, here are some of my fave videos. Being a geek, I even knew the one about tides, but I can tell you that many meteorologists do not! I still remember …


10 August 2015

Bad Science Is Always Fair Game

When Daily Show host John Stewart said goodbye last week he gave his fans some advice that I thought was excellent- If you see B.S., then say something. So, with that in mind, this is fair notice that while I steer away from policy, if a politician says something about science that is clearly wrong, then they deserve to be called on it. I did that with Mike Huckabee a …


7 August 2015

Am I The Only One Who Noticed..

Knowing that NASA,NOAA, and EVERY major scientific society on Earth says that we must immediately reduce our emissions of Carbon, or risk dangerously changing the planet’s life support system, you’d expect that at least one question in the debate Thursday night would be about that subject. You’d be wrong. Now, I could understand skipping something real difficult, like is the Earth over a million years old?, or are the fossils …


27 July 2015

What’s Funny About That? Quite a Bit Actually!

 What happens when you write a blog that is so full of misinformation, and incorrect assumptions, that someone starts a separate a blog to correct the mistakes? Well, for one thing you get some good laughs, and at times a real feeling of Schadenfreude!  I’m talking about the blog What’s up With That (WUWT) and Hot Whopper which corrects the bad science posted there on a daily basis. If you don’t …


25 July 2015

Learning Physics on YouTube Can Be Very Entertaining

UPDATE: Hours after finishing this piece about physics online, I see a TED talk by John Green covering exactly the same subject with some great examples and his enthusiasm for it matches my own. So, enjoy the TED video below, and check out some of the real science on YouTube. I know you will have to wade through the Moon landing hoax,chemtrail,Clinton killed JFK junk, but there is a lot …


20 July 2015

Peabody Coals World of Illusion

Clayton Aldern at GRIST has a look at the world of climate denial through eyes smeared with coal dust, and it’s rather frightening. You almost have to ask yourself if they really believe this stuff. Even when you make the “Upton Sinclair adjustment” (“It’s nearly impossible to convince someone of something when their paycheck depends on it not being so”), you are still left with the equivalent of someone holding their …