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16 April 2014

Can’t Get Enough of Cosmos? Netflix Has 6 Hours of Neil deGrasse Tyson

I have mentioned the lectures you can buy from the Teaching Company before here, and one of those lecture sets is a six lecture series called The Inexplicable Universe, by Neil deGrasse Tyson. It’s worth the money IMHO, but before you buy it, Netflix has made available this entire series for its customers. That’s a pretty good deal. Now, this series does not have all the flash bang the COSMOS …


10 April 2014

The Most Pervasive Scientific Myth

I’ve written before here about how pervasive the myth is that science is divided about the reality of and the threat of man-made interference with our climate system. It truly is the number one science myth out there. Just by writing this post, I’ll get the usual comments with links to the usual rabid political sites (with unflattering pictures of Al Gore) telling me that thousands of scientists disagree, and …


29 March 2014

Lies, Damned Lies and Statistical Truth

There has been a lot of attention recently around “538 Blog” founder Nate Silver and his hire of Political Scientist Roger Pielke Jr. to write about climate change on his new gig. Pielke is the darling of the anti-science crowd, and his often called to testify at science hearings on Capitol Hill by those who think climate change is a hoax ( It’s hard to find any real climate experts …


28 March 2014

Australia’s Hottest Summer Ever Likely Due To Increasing Earth Greenhouse

The WMO has a report out this week about the climate of 2013, and while you can read the whole thing in 20 minutes, a special edition at the end is a must read. You can get the entire report here, but I am reproducing the last section, because it is a short but fascinating discussion of an attribution study. In atmospheric science, an attribution study looks at the causes …


16 March 2014

Cosmos Part Two Tonight- The Things That Molecules Do…

Tonight’s episode talks about the past great extinctions, life, and natural selection. In other words the things that simple molecules can do in 13,000 million years.


9 March 2014

In Honor of Cosmos Tonight, NASA Releases A New Set of Images on Flickr

Take a look! You can see the on FLICKR in higher resolution HERE.


POTUS To Introduce COSMOS Two Sunday Night

I hear that the President will introduce the first episode. I saw this quote from Carl Sagan on Google Plus last week, and it is more true now than when wrote it. There does seem to be a growing segment in America that looks as ignorance as an attractive lifestyle choice. A far cry from the days of Gemini and Apollo as I was growing up. In those days, Texas …


23 February 2014

Can Neil de Grasse Tyson Bring His Own Magic To Sagan’s Cosmos? Oh Yes!

The first episode of the new COSMOS airs on March 9th (worldwide on Fox, and National Geographic Channel in many countries).  Neil de Grasse Tyson (Director of the Hayden Planetarium in New York) has been thought of by many of my fellow science geeks to be THE person to do a much-needed update of Carl Sagan’s epic tour of the Universe, and that means filling some big shoes. Sagan died …


18 February 2014

Buy This Book

Hat tip to Brain Pickings for the scoop. From the book: Mathematical knowledge is unlike any other knowledge. While our perception of the physical world can always be distorted, our perception of mathematical truths can’t be. They are objective, persistent, necessary truths. A mathematical formula or theorem means the same thing to anyone anywhere — no matter what gender, religion, or skin color; it will mean the same thing to …


27 January 2014

No Event Horizon Around Black Holes??

I suspect this will have a lot of astrophysicists talking. Stephen Hawking has published a paper (yet to be peer reviewed) that tries to solve a well known paradox about black holes. It’s in Nature News. Click the image to read (Nice thing for high school science teachers to talk with students about as well). All of these paradoxes seem to come about because physics has yet to find a …


30 December 2013

Icy Shots From Space

How can you tell the difference between white clouds and white snow on a satellite image?? Rivers don’t run through clouds! Study the image from the Aqua satellite today above and you will see what i mean. Speaking of satellite images of icy cold, the folks at CIMMS at the Uni. of Wisconsin posted the animated gif below showing ice forming on Lake Michigan. Speaking of ice, I had a …


17 December 2013

AGU Session On Dealing With Bullies Who Target Scientists

David Appell has a guest post on the Yale Forum on Climate Change and the Media that’s an excellent read. The stories from some scientists who work in the field of Climate are a bit scary. Scientists like Michael Mann have begun to fight back. Click the image to read:


27 November 2013

How To See Comet Ison..IF It Survives Its Solar Fly By


14 November 2013

Yes, The Planet Is Still Getting Warmer and Pretending it Isn’t Can Be Expensive.

Some interesting news in the climate science field this week. First is a new paper that indicates the so-called slow down in the warming over the last decade is actually an artifact of the lack of temperature data in the Arctic. An excellent summary is available on REAL CLIMATE. This is actually not a big surprise, since the Arctic is warming more rapidly than just about anywhere on the planet, …


13 November 2013

The Most Amazing Space Picture Of The Year

I know others have blogged this today, but for those that missed it… and an annotated version- WOW!    


8 November 2013

Amazing Image of Haiyan From SUOMI

The resolution is 375 meters on this image. Ctsy. Dan Lindsey at CIRA in Colorado. There was apparently a big jump in lightning around the eye at landfall. More on that here. GOES R will have on-board lightning detection when it launches in a couple of years. This instrument alone is likely to lead to some new discoveries and significant improvements in now-casting and forecasting. A nice loop of the …


6 November 2013

NASA’s Operation Ice Bridge Heading Back To Antarctica

NASA is taking their Operation Ice Bridge back to Antarctica later this month after the mission was almost cancelled by the government shutdown.. This will be the first time the NASA P3 Orion aircraft will make the trip, and land on the ice runway at McMurdo Science Base. Ice Bridge has filled in the gaps in ice sheet measurements since Icesat 1 died. Icesat 2 will launch in 2016. Here’s …


21 October 2013

Free Online Course On Climate Change Starts Monday Oct 21

I’ve mentioned before here that one of the best books to read if you are wanting to understand the basic science behind the IPCC Climate predictions is David Archer’s Understanding The Forecast (The link is to the 2nd edition e-book). This book is a step up from most of the popular science books on the subject, and assumes that your eyes don’t glaze over if you see an algebraic equation. …


12 October 2013

Communicating Science- My Talk at The AGU in Washington

I was asked a few months back to talk about science communication at the AGU in Washington, and they recorded the talk. You can watch it below. A note about the graph I showed from Skeptical Science. It was actually made by Environmental Scientist Dana Nuccitelli for Skeptical Science (see this post). I shot the video in Antarctica and Greenland, but video-journalist David Wood down in Huntsville was the extremely …


22 September 2013

The Real Uncertainties In Climate Change

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) will release its 5th assessment report next Friday in Sweden. It’s the work of over 200 scientists, who have put together a summary of the peer-reviewed science published over the last several years, and it will almost certainly be bad news. You’re almost certain to hear some very ridiculous things in the coming days by those who fear the consequences of reducing our …