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24 April 2014

Oh, The Things You Can See From On High

I spent a little while looking at today’s images from NASA’s Terra and Aqua satellites with their amazing MODIS imager that sends back true colour images from an altitude of around 700 km. Here are a few things I spotted in just a short period of browsing this evening. Click any image for a much larger view. Here is a view of just some Sahara sand blowing north into Greece …


18 April 2014

Suomi Satellite Night Vision Sees Great Lakes Ice

The CIMMS Satellite blog has posted a fantastic image of the ice cover on the Great Lakes. See my previous post for more info. This is a visible light (not IR) image made by the VIRRS sensor on Suomi is below: (click for full resolution)


11 April 2014

Bet You Did Not Know This


23 March 2014

Happy World Meteorological Day

Before you say, that’s cool and move on, think about that for a second. WE CAN MEASURE WINDS FROM SPACE! We can also measure temperatures,  humidity, the amount of dust in the air, and even how stressed the plants in a drought are. Oh, and NASA did it all (and went to the Moon and Mars, and launched 100 space shuttles), all on less money than we spent on the …


16 March 2014

Severe Travel Restrictions Imposed In Paris as Smog Worsens

Paris just cut the vehicles on Monday’s roads by half in an effort to improve the air quality over the Capital. It also has made all mass transit free, and the BBC has further details here. Motorcycles (most of who have rather dirty engines) are also included. The reason for the bad smog is a temperature inversion, and you have likely heard this before, but I want to explain WHY …


11 March 2014

The grapes of Landsat

California’s persistent drought is forcing grape growers to keep a more-attentive-than-normal eye on their vines, as water shortages and elevated temperatures alter this year’s growing season.


9 March 2014

In Honor of Cosmos Tonight, NASA Releases A New Set of Images on Flickr

Take a look! You can see the on FLICKR in higher resolution HERE.


26 February 2014

Video of the X Class Flare

You heard about the big X4.9 solar flare at 00:50 GMT Monday I suspect. Phil Plait at Bad Astronomy is always the go to person on that, but NASA has a video out of the fare in different wavelengths that is pretty cool. The sunspot that produced the flare is rotating slowly around, and will be facing Earth in a few days. If it erupts again then we may be …


30 December 2013

Icy Shots From Space

How can you tell the difference between white clouds and white snow on a satellite image?? Rivers don’t run through clouds! Study the image from the Aqua satellite today above and you will see what i mean. Speaking of satellite images of icy cold, the folks at CIMMS at the Uni. of Wisconsin posted the animated gif below showing ice forming on Lake Michigan. Speaking of ice, I had a …


30 November 2013

Is Ison The Phoenix of Comets??

Just when everyone thought that little of it survived its high speed solar dive…. Stay tuned! More from NASA here.


29 November 2013

Solar Oven Melts Comet Ison

No Christmas comet it seems. NASA satellites (including SOHO) show Ison breaking apart and dimming as it approached the Sun today. Update 04:10 GMT Friday: There seems to be some indication that at least part of the comet survived. The most definitive word on it as of now is here:


20 November 2013

My Video of The Launch Tonight From Wallops


19 November 2013

NASA Launch Tonight Visible Over Much of The U.S.East Coast.

A large high pressure system is producing clear skies over much of the eastern Seaboard tonight, and the visibility is excellent. This launch will actually put 29 different satellites in orbit, including one designed by a group of high school students! I’m just 40 miles away from it here in Salisbury, and should have a great view of the launch. I’ll post some pics of it later tonight here.( A …


13 November 2013

The Most Amazing Space Picture Of The Year

I know others have blogged this today, but for those that missed it… and an annotated version- WOW!    


6 November 2013

NASA’s Operation Ice Bridge Heading Back To Antarctica

NASA is taking their Operation Ice Bridge back to Antarctica later this month after the mission was almost cancelled by the government shutdown.. This will be the first time the NASA P3 Orion aircraft will make the trip, and land on the ice runway at McMurdo Science Base. Ice Bridge has filled in the gaps in ice sheet measurements since Icesat 1 died. Icesat 2 will launch in 2016. Here’s …


19 October 2013

Apollo 13: A Very Delayed Movie Review

A lot of science blogs have mentioned the science errors in the film Gravity recently, but this is a movie review on Ron Howard’s Apollo 13. Yes, I know the film came out 18 years ago, but better late than never! You see Gravity is a made up story, and while the errors are pretty egregious, I do not think it matters as much, because after all, it is a …


4 October 2013

Fall Color From the Terra Satellite

Nice shot of the peak fall color in the Adirondack’s from the true color MODIS on the Terra satellite. Some pretty cirrus as well, but can you spot the jet contrails??


1 October 2013

Update: Government Shutdown Felt All The Way To Mars- Curiosity In Hibernation?

Now that the Federal Government has shut down, here are some of the effects in the science community. 1. Curiosity on Mars is being put into hibernation mode. (Update: Am told Curiosity is still doing science… for now…) (Update Wed. 2 AM: Because JPL acts as a contractor Curiosity is still being operated as of now. See HERE.) 2. Almost all (97%) of NASA will shut down with the exception …


16 September 2013

Voyager 1, Distance, and The CNN Salute

Last week’s news that Voyager 1 had become the first human made object to enter interstellar space gave almost everyone a pause, including me. I was a young and dumb freshman student at the University of Oklahoma that fall, trying to get my head around calculus as  matter of fact. It’s been thirty-six years, and my hair is gray, but Voyager travels on. I suspect a lot of teachers around …


12 September 2013

Frogs In Space…..

Apparently this image is not a fake. A Virginia frog that was in the wrong place in space and time… Happened last Friday during the launch of the LADEE mission at Wallops Island in Virginia.