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10 July 2016

Nagasaki, Uttarakhand and Pakistan: three new landslide videos

Three good new landslide videos are available on Youtube, shot in Nagasaki (Japan), Uttarakhand (India) and in the mountains of Pakistan


16 June 2016

Landslide video: a massive landslide takes out a truck in Peru

A new video on Youtube shows a massive landslide taking out a small truck on a mountain road in Peru. The circumstances are unclear.


5 June 2016

Three interesting new landslide videos – Colombia, Hechi in China and Anatolia in Turkey

Three new landslide videos have appeared on Youtube: a road slope collapse from Hechi in China, a quarry landslide in Anatolia in Turkey & the collapse of a slope by a tunnel portal in Colombia


21 May 2016

New landslide video: the mobility of the Aranayake landslide

A new video has appeared on Youtube showing the mobility of a small secondary failure at the site of the Aranayake landslide in Sri Lanka


16 May 2016

New videos for Monday morning: an earth mover get caught in a landslide and a debris flow from the Himalayas

Two new videos have appeared on Youtube, one showing an earthmover destroyed by a landslide and the other a Himalayan debris flow


13 May 2016

New landslide videos from the last few days, including an impressive rockfall at Mont Granier

Two new landslide videos have appeared on Youtube, including an impressive rockfall last weekend on Mont Granier in the French Prealps and a smaller collapse at Swimmer’s Delight in California


2 May 2016

The location of the Kyrgyzstan loess landslide, as caught on that amazing video

Using Google Earth it is possible to track down the location of the Kyrgyzstan loess landslide. This is an area with many similar landslides, some of which have also displayed high levels of mobility.


1 May 2016

Do not miss this: video of a catastrophic landslide in loess in Kyrgyzstan

An astonishing video has appeared on Youtube showing a video in, I assume, loess in Kyrgyzstan a few days ago. The landslide killed a teenage boy.


7 April 2016

Five new landslide videos – two dashcam films from China, two rockfall films and a video from GNS about earthquake triggered failures

This post features 5 new landslide videos, including two dashcam videos from China, a terrifying rockfall video from Peru, a toppling failure from India & a feature on the GNS earthquake response


28 March 2016

A terrifying video of two coaches trapped by “shooting rocks” in Pakistan

A terrifying video has appeared on Youtube showing two buses trapped by “shooting rocks” on the Karakorum Highway in Pakistan


27 March 2016

Remarkable new footage of the mudflow from the Samarco tailings dam failure in Brazil

A new video has appeared on Youtube showing the remarkable mudflow released by the Samarco Tailings dam failure in Brazil in 2015


12 March 2016

Nasty dancing rocks: boulders in Glenwood Canyon

A new video from Glenwood Canyon in Colorado shows nasty dancing rocks – boulders rolling down a steep slope. The potential for damage is huge.


29 February 2016

Elk City landslide: a very interesting video

On 18th February the Elk City landslide, a large rockslide, was captured on video by a transportation worker in Idaho, USA


18 February 2016

An update on the Yaglidere Landslide, including another video

I have come across another video of the Yaglidere landslide in Turkey. Caner Zanbak has also provided very useful information about this landslide.


17 February 2016

Yaglidere – a dramatic landslide video from Turkey

Youtube has a dramatic new landslide video from Yaglidere in Turkey, showing a failure in fine grained materials that transitions to a rapid flow


3 February 2016

New landslide videos: Aconcagua (again), Muothatal and Pacifica

Three new landslide videos, including a debris flow from Aconcagua, an earthflow from Muothatal in Switzerland and coastal erosion in Pacifica


24 January 2016

The greatest ever debris flow video? Aconcagua in Argentina

An amazing video has appeared on youtube showing a debris flow on the flanks of Aconcagua in Argentina. It came very close to killing a group of trekkers


24 December 2015

New landslide video: Ayacucho, Peru

A dramatic landslide captures the moment in which a landslide struck a road in Ayacucho, Peru


12 December 2015

Two interesting landslide videos from Congjiang, China and Manali, India

Two dramatic landslides appeared on Youtube this week, a huge rockfall from Manali in India and a landslide destroying houses in Congjiang, China


3 December 2015

A cut slope failure on the Eskoriatza to Vitoria motorway in Spain

A large cut slope failure was captured on video on the Eskoriatza – Vitoria motorway last week in Spain.