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1 September 2015

NASA landslide video visualizing rainfall-induced mass movements between 2007 and 2015

The new NASA landslide video visualizes global rainfall-induced landslides between 2007 and 2015.


29 August 2015

A large rockfall on the Tour Ronde, Mont Blanc

On Thursday a significant rockfall occurred on the Tour Ronde in the Mont Blanc region. It was captured in a dramatic video by Gianluca Marra, a local climbing guide


26 August 2015

Artvin, Turkey: an excellent video of a landslide in action

Landslides in the Artvin area of NE Turkey have killed eight people and left two missing. One of the slides was captured in a dramatic video


5 August 2015

Two new landslide videos – including a lucky escape for a herder in Yemen

Liveleak has two new landslide videos, one from Yemen and one from Israel. In the former a herder has a lucky escape, whilst in the latter someone loses their garden


3 August 2015

The Fukaminato River landslide in Japan

Even better footage has now emerged of the Fukaminato River landslide in Japan, which appears to be occurring at the site of an old quarry


29 July 2015

Two wonderful new landslide videos, one from Taiwan and one from Japan

In the last 24 hours two tremendous new landslide videos have appeared online, one from Japan and one from Taiwan


22 July 2015

Chamoli: a large and spectacular failure caught on video

News24 has posted a video of a large and dramatic landslide that occurred in Chamoli, Uttarakhand this week. The post also includes a round up of landslide events elsewhere in South and Central Asia this week.


29 June 2015

Daning River landslide: a video that is purported to show the failure event

CCTV has uploaded a video onto Youtube that reportedly shows the Daning River landslide in China last week as failure occurred


3 June 2015

Pharkant, Burma: a liquefaction landslide in mine tailings (with a stunning video)

Two videos have appeared on Youtube showing an amazing liquefaction landslide in mine wastes in Pharkant, Burma in April


20 April 2015

The Bolshaya Talda earthflow in Russia was a mine waste failure

The Bolshaya Talda earthflow, which I featured on this blog on Friday was a mine waster landslide. Readers have helped identify the location of the slide.


17 April 2015

New landslide video: a fascinating and huge Russian earthflow

Youtube has an amazing new video of a huge Russian earthflow in motion, taken on 1st April 2015. The location is apparently Zarechnyi in Penzenskaya.


10 April 2015

Sumner road drone footage and two other new landslide videos

There are three interesting new videos on Youtube, one showing rockfall damage on a orad above Sumner in New Zealand, one showing a landslide induced house collapse in India and the other showing a landslide event (and its aftermath) in Greece


11 March 2015

Oso landslide: a new video five minutes after failure

A new video has emerged showing the aftermath of the Oso landslide a year ago. Shot by a passerby, it shows the site five minutes after the failure


7 March 2015

New video: an excavator hit by a self-induced rockfall

A video on Youtube shows an excavator triggering a rockfall that the strikes the machine. The operator had a lucky escape,


19 February 2015

Paglajhora: another progressive road failure video

A video on Youtube shows a road collapse event that destroyed a truck at Paglajhora in Darjeeling. The landslide was a part of a much larger and very active slope failure that seems to have been initiated and exacerbated by poor slope management practices


15 February 2015

Fox Glacier – a time lapse video of slope failures as the glacier retreats

Victoria University of Wellington has compiled a fascinating time lapse video of slope movements as the Fox Glacier in New Zealand retreats in response to climate change


11 February 2015

Val Parghera:- A fascinating stop motion video of a large rockslide

The Geopraevent team has posted a very interesting stop motion video showing movement of the Val Parghera rockslide in Switzerland over an 18 month period


9 February 2015

Simulating submarine landslides

Joris Eggenhuisen has published a fascinating video on Youtube showing a simulation of submarine landslides using the Eurotank Flume at Utrecht University


23 January 2015

You must watch this! An amazing new landslide video from Dagestan

A new video appeared on Youtube yesterday showing a quite remarkable landslide in Dagestan


18 December 2014

Amazing but watch with caution: camera phone footage of the deadly Banjarnegara district landslide in Indonesia

There is a video on Youtube that apparently shows the moment that the Banjarnegara district landslide in Indonesia occurred, killing over 100 people