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7 April 2014

Two new landslide videos: Hannover Point, UK and Jalisco, Mexico

A large landslide in Jalisco, Mexico Liveleak has this new video of a large landslide that apparently occurred in Jalisco in Mexico over the weekend.¬† I know no more details, but the impatient driver of the red car was lucky that the landslide did not occur 20 seconds later: .. A small landslide at Hannover Point Meanwhile there is a much better quality video of a somewhat less dramatic landslide …


21 March 2014

The Randa rockslide – a spectacular new video

A new video has appeared on Youtube showing the April 1991 rockslide at Randa in Switzerland


17 March 2014

Mount Haast: A GNS report on the 2013 rock avalanche (which is also known as the Mount Dixon rock avalanche)

GNS Science in New Zealand have made available online a report into the January 2013 rock avalanche on Mount Haast / Mount Dixon


10 February 2014

Three interesting new videos – a slow avalanche, a coastal rockslide and a quarry slide

Three new videos have been brought to my attention – one showing a slow avalanches in Italy and two rockslides, one on the coast and one in a quarry


2 February 2014

Jalan Kenanga: A video of a retaining wall failure in Malaysia

In Jalan Kenanga in Malaysia in 2009, a large retaining wall collapsed at a construction site. A video captured the failure as it developed.


9 January 2014

Remarkable new video of a riverbank collapse (?) event in Abaetetuba, Brazil

A new video has emerged on Youtube, showing a ground collapse event in Abaetetuba, Brazil. Whilst reported as a sinkhole opening, this is likely to be a riverbank collapse event


13 November 2013

New landslide video: the luckiest dog in the world!

Back in August a video captured a mudslide striking a kennel in Kentucky. So how did the dog survive?


28 October 2013

A very interesting video of a house being slowly destroyed by a landslide in Thailand

A new video has appeared on Youtube showing a building being progressively pushed over and destroyed by a landslide in Thailand


17 October 2013

Bluff collapse events: new videos from the USA and Canada

Two new videos have emerged online of coastal bluff collapses in Canada and the USA over the last week


13 September 2013

A video of riverbank collapses in Utah

On September 11th, an interesting video of a series of flood-induced riverbank collapses in Wahweap Creek in Southern Utah was captured by David Rankin


23 August 2013

A dramatic earthflow video from Puertro Rico

A new video has emerged on Liveleak of a rainfall-induced earthflow in Puerto Rico


29 July 2013

The China landslide car video – how did the occupants survive?

How did the passengers in the car filmed being hit by a soil fall in Shaanxi, China survive the landslide?


24 July 2013

Two dramatic new landslide videos from China

Two new videos on Youtube show landslides in China. One features the aftermath of a loess landslide, the other a rockslide above a community


23 July 2013

An even better video of the large rock topple and collapse at Saint Jouin Breneval in France

A spectacular new video has emerged of the rock topple in Normandy, France last week


18 July 2013

Toppling failure – a spectacular time lapse video from coastal cliffs in France

BRGM, the French Geological Survey, have captured a time lapse sequence of photographs of a toppling failure from St Jouin Bruneval in Normandy, France


10 June 2013

A new landslide video showing the transition from a soil slump to a soil slide

A new landslide video showing the transition from a soil slump to a soil slide

Recent heavy rainfall in Norway caused extensive landslides. This video captures the transition from a soil slump to a rapid flow event.


4 June 2013

Rockfalls and landslides from the Taiwan earthquake on Sunday

A video of rockslides from the 2nd June 2013 M=6.2 earthquake in Taiwan


2 June 2013

The physics of snow and ice – two videos

Two new videos of snow and ice on the move, which illustrate aspects of the physics of landslides


23 May 2013

A wonderful new progressive failure rockslide video

A new video has appeared that shows a large progressive rockslide in action. It was taken at the town of Riddes in Switzerland in Friday


5 April 2013

Landslides in Portugal, including a new landslide video

In Portugal this week heavy rainfall has triggered landslides. One of these events, at Guimar√£es, was captured in a dramatic video. An apartment block has been severely damaged as a result