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25 July 2017

Pandoh: two good new landslide videos from Himachal Pradesh in India

Two good new landslide videos have been posted on Youtube: a topple from Pandoh and a wedge failure from elsewhere in Himachal Pradesh in India


19 July 2017

Cold Springs swimming hole: a mudflow tragedy in Arizona

On Sunday a mudflow swept through the Cold Springs Swimming Hole in Arizona. Ten people swimming at the popular site were washed away and killed.


17 July 2017

Two new landslide videos from China: Liuzhou and Chamdo

Two dramatic new landslide videos have appeared online from China: a rapid earthflow in Liuzhou and a riverbank collapse from Chamdo


11 July 2017

Ngauranga Gorge: a landslide caught on video causes chaos in Wellington, New Zealand

Ngauranga Gorge: a small but dramatic landslide caught on video causes traffic chaos on State Highway 1 in Wellington, New Zealand


10 July 2017

Spectacular landslide videos from Arunachal Pradesh in India

As the monsoon intensifies across Asia, a series of landslide videos have been published from Arunachal Pradesh in India and from China


23 June 2017

The Kaikoura earthquake landslides: an excellent video about the mitigation works on State Highway 1

The Kaikoura earthquake landslides: an excellent video about the enormous mitigation works on State Highway 1 in New Zealand


5 June 2017

Another video of the terrifying Illgraben debris flow in Switzerland

Pierre Zufferey has posted to Youtube an even better video of the terrifying Illgraben debris flow of 29th May 2017, which I featured last week


31 May 2017

Illgraben – another dramatic debris flow video

On 29th May 2017 another dramatic debris flow occurred in the Illgraben catchment in Switzerland. This event was captured on video.


30 May 2017

Northern Tajikistan: An extreme mudflow video

On 28th May 2017 an extremely large mudflow in northern Tajikistan was captured on video and placed online by Radio Free Europe.


10 May 2017

Geiranger Fjord in Norway: the spectacular rockslide video

On Monday a significant rockslide on the flanks of Geiranger Fjord in Norway was captured on a video now posted to Youtube


9 May 2017

Landslide vs Jeep: a new video on Youtube

A video has appeared on video showing what happens when a debris slide side-swipes a Jeep. The circumstances of the landslide are unknown


30 April 2017

Highway 101, Vietnam, Turkey and others: a selection of new landslide videos

In the last couple of weeks a set of really good landslide videos has appeared on Youtube, including an excellent film of a rockslide on Highway 101


13 April 2017

Shimla and Idaho: two new, and very different, landslide videos

Two new landslide videos have appeared on Youtube; one from Shimla showing a large slide triggered by construction, and the other on a highway in Idaho, USA


9 April 2017

Papamoa: a brilliant video illustrating the mobility of landslides

A brilliant video has been uploaded to Facebook from Papamoa in New Zealand which illustrates the process of fluidisation of a rotational landslide


31 March 2017

Point Dume: an interesting new landslide video from California

A video has been posted on Youtube that shows a dramatic landslide that occurred at Point Dume on the Californian coast on 25th March 2017


9 March 2017

Chamba: an impressive set of landslide videos from Himachal Pradesh

Three new videos have been posted on Youtube that show a dramatic landslide at Chamba in Himachal Pradesh, India, which apparently occurred on Monday


20 February 2017

New landslide videos: San Bernadino National Forest, La Paz and the Big Sur

San Bernadino National Forest landslide video One of a number of new landslide videos that have been published in the last few days comes from San Bernadino National Forest in Southern California, triggered by the latest in a procession of intense rainfall events in recent weeks.  This is a very impressive video of a large landslide in the Forest Falls area.  In many ways the most interesting aspect is the high …


30 January 2017

A terrifying and tragic mudslide video from Arequipa in Peru

Dramatic footage has emerged of a mudflow on the Panamerican Sur highway in Arequipa in Peru that caused three people to lose their lives


18 January 2017

The Mount Sulzer avalanches: the amazing video

The fourth of the Mount Sulzer avalanches, which occurred in August 2016, was captured in a remarkable video by Luke Wassink, a National Park Ranger


19 December 2016

Big French Creek: a high quality new landslide video

Last week a rockslide on Highway 299W at Big French Creek in California was caught on video. The road remains closed as a result of the landslide