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16 June 2017

NTSB report: train collision with a landslide in Northfield, Vermont

In the USA, the NTSB has released a report into a major derailment at Northfield in Vermont, caused by a collision with a small rockslide


13 June 2017

The Amyntaiou lignite mine landslide in Greece: more information

More information has emerged about the 80 million cubic metre Amyntaiou landslide in a lignite mine in northern Greece on Saturday


12 June 2017

Anargyroi: an 80 million cubic metre mining-induced landslide in Greece this weekend

On Saturday, an 80 million cubic metre landslide occurred at Anargyroi in Greece as a result of the collapse of the slopes bordering a lignite mine


8 June 2017

The enormous Green Lake landslide in New Zealand

The 27 cubic kilometre Green Lake landslide in Fjordland, southern New Zealand – one of the largest known landslides on the surface of the Earth


6 June 2017

An update on the Bucium Hill landslide problem in Romania

An update on the Bucium Hill landslide problem on a slope above the main A1 motorway in the Transylvanian Hills of Romania


17 May 2017

A new video of the giant Kurbu-Tash landslide in Kyrgyzstan

AKI Press has uploaded a new video to Youtube showing the extremely large Kurbu-Tash landslide in Kyrgyzstan, which has destroyed nearly 60 houses


16 May 2017

The Pas de l’Ours landslide: an actively moving rockslide in the Queyras Valley of France

The Pas de l’Ours landslide: a very large and potentially-problematic actively-moving rockslide in the Queyras Valley of France


2 May 2017

Ayu in Osh, Kyrgyzstan: a large landslide has killed 24 people, and another large flowslide in Uzgen region

Two large landslides occurred in Kyrgystan this weekend. One, at Ayu in Osh, killed 24 people whilst the other, in Uzgen region, appears to be highly mobile


17 April 2017

The Meethotamulla garbage dump landslide: an avoidable tragedy?

As the death toll from the Meethotamulla garbage dump landslide goes up, there is increasing evidence that many concerns have raised about the site


16 April 2017

The Meethotamulla garbage dump disaster in Sri Lanka

The Meethotamulla garbage dump in Colombo, Sri Lanka is now known to have killed at least 26 people. Images suggest this was a disaster waiting to happen.


13 April 2017

Shimla and Idaho: two new, and very different, landslide videos

Two new landslide videos have appeared on Youtube; one from Shimla showing a large slide triggered by construction, and the other on a highway in Idaho, USA


6 April 2017

A tragedy foretold? The Mocoa landslide was anticipated in 2014

An article published in 2014 on a local news site made a chilling prediction of the Mocoa landslide in Colombia last weekend, which killed over 600 people


5 April 2017

Mocoa debris flow: analyses of the event

Mocoa debris flow: analyses of the event The loss of life from the Mocoa debris flow is now known to have exceeded 290 people, of whom 144 are reported to be children, whilst the search continues for those who are missing.  NASA Earth has now published an analysis of the rainfall event that triggered the landslide, noting that: IMERG data were used to estimate the amount of rain that fell …


4 April 2017

Mocoa: the cause of the tragic debris flow in Colombia

Mocoa: the cause of the tragic debris flow in Colombia The tragic debris flow at Mocoa in Colombia at the weekend has garnered considerable media attention internationally.  As of today, the total number of people who are known to have died is 273, many of them children with varying reports of the number missing.  Recovery operations continue on the site, and Colombia has mobilised large-scale resources to provide assistance. There …


27 March 2017

A very large fatal landslide at Nichke-Sai in Uzgen, Kyrgyzstan yesterday

On 26th March a very large landslide occurred at Nichke-Sai in Uzgen, Kyrgyzstan, killing six people. Images suggest this may have been a loess landslide.


24 March 2017

The Mitchell Creek landslide in British Columbia, Canada

In a paper just published, Clayton et al. (2017) describe the Mitchell Creek landslide, a very large rockslide in Canada triggered by glacial debuttressing


21 March 2017

Longdendale: dam building in an area of ancient landslides

The Longdendale dams in the Pennines of northern England were constructed in Victorian times in an area of large, ancient landslides. Unsurprisingly, considerable problems were encountered during construction.


20 March 2017

La Pintada landslide in Mexico: a new paper that links the slide and the cultural history

In a paper just published in Landslides, Alcántara-Ayala et al. (2017) link the La Pintada landslide in Mexico to ancient rock carvings found in the area


17 March 2017

Koshe, Ethiopia: the worst garbage dump landslide in recent years

On Saturday 11th March a landslide at the Koshe garbage dump in Addis Ababa killed at least 115 people, most of them women and children


8 March 2017

Bucium Hill in Romania – an interesting landslide problem on a major road

In Romania, extensive landsliding has developed on the edge of the A1 motorway at Bucium Hill in the Transylvanian Mountains