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1 November 2012

High Magmafication: Geopoetry, Accretionary Wedge #51

I’m cutting it close this time, I know – today is the deadline for Geosphere’s Accretionary Wedge call for posts on Geopoetry. One of my favorite books is a slim little volume called “A Geological Miscellany”. It’s a collection of geology-related letters, stories, poems and prose reaching back all the way to Pliny, and it has some hilarious excerpts. One of my favorites is a poem that’s attributed to the Pick and Hammer Club of the USGS…okay, actually a song…okay, actually a song set to a very ear-wormy tune from 1950 called ‘Music, Music, Music’.


24 May 2011

GeoLOLcats meme

After seeing the recent upswing in geologic LOLcat activity, I couldn’t resist adding a few of my own. My kitties (the old guard and my addition to the family) are helping with some trip planning for an upcoming research stint in Los Alamos, NM. Naturally, this involves trying to prevent me from doing the planning in the first place. Sabrina is especially good at strategic positioning: Another technique is “distraction …


1 April 2011

USGS releases updated volcanic hazards poster

Just a quick post today, as I’m getting ready for a conference trip next week. For those of you who are familiar with the USGS poster “Geologic Hazards at Volcanoes” – a great graphical depiction of the different types of volcanic activity common at volcanoes – you’re in luck, because there’s a new version out today.

Download or view the updated poster for free here: “Geologic Hazards at Volcanoes 2011″


17 November 2010

In the Humorous Vein #15

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these (and until I get over the latest office cold, it will have to take the place of a real post). Ever seen Demotivators? Well, these are a little more geologically oriented. Want to see some more? Just search the blog for “In the Humorous Vein”.


24 August 2010

In the Humorous Vein #14

I’m still getting ready for the semester here, so at the suggestion of A Lifelong Scholar, I’m resurrecting an old series I was working on and giving you a humorous interlude. (This is one of the photos from my travels this summer; can anyone guess where it was taken?)


1 February 2009

In the Humorous Vein #13

Can’t let these die – everyone else has a weekly feature, and I need something to waste time on when I’m supposed to be teaching myself MATLAB. This was one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen at the top of a mountain. I have to wonder if anyone ever told the benchmark-installers that they forgot something…


29 January 2009

My next self-indulgence…

…might have to be this t-shirt. “God’s Volcano Project” from BustedTees When I saw the title, I immediately thought, “Obviously they’re talking about the God from Monty Python and the Holy Grail, and he’s going to bust out with ‘I TOLD YOU PEOPLE TO QUIT WITH THE PSALMS!’”


19 October 2008

In the Humorous Vein #12

Wow, I’m really overdue for one of these. Since I’ve been talking more about life than geology nowadays: This one’s actually a photo I took at Niagara Falls last weekend. That bird was, no lie, napping. I guess if you’ve got wings, huge waterfalls and precariously positioned rocks don’t bother you all that much.


7 September 2008

In the Humorous Vein #11


28 July 2008

In the Humorous Vein #10


20 July 2008

In the Humorous Vein #9

Blogging will be a bit (more) sparse in the next two weeks, as I’m escaping the heat and humidity of NOVA to go to…Costa Rica. (Hmm. Perhaps this plan would work better if I hadn’t chosen to escape to a tropical country…) I’m not sure if I’ll be able to post while I’m there, but I’ll be back with fantastic volcano photos! In the meantime, I’m going to set up …


16 July 2008

In the Humorous Vein #8


22 June 2008

In the Humorous Vein #7


13 June 2008

Everything I need to know in life, I learned on geo field trips

Can you tell I’d rather be in the field than at a desk right now? Maybe in a few weeks. But in the meantime, because it’s Friday and it’s fun to make lists, I thought I’d go through some of the useful things I’ve learned in the field – mostly through personal experience or helping bandage up someone else who didn’t learn them fast enough. (Fortunately none of them required …


10 June 2008

In the Humorous Vein #6


1 June 2008

In the Humorous Vein #5


18 May 2008

In the Humorous Vein #4


11 May 2008

In the Humorous Vein #3


4 May 2008

In the Humorous Vein #2

For all those of you out there who are going through the ordeal once more – and that includes grading – I salute you. (And next year, I’m going to be joining you on both fronts!) Although it’s nice that, for the first time in four years, I’m not taking a final on my birthday.


27 April 2008

In the Humorous Vein #1

I remember when those motivational posters (you know, the kind with “Challenge” or “Overcoming Obstacles” and an uplifting quote) were really popular, especially in schools. Maybe some people liked having those around; they always made me gag. I prefer the really sarcastic kind better. Like Mediocrity. Or Pressure. Or Tradition. (And, because I’m a Trek fan, I’m particularly partial to these. ) So naturally I figured the geoblogosphere could use …