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14 October 2016

Aletsch landslide: significant acceleration of movement

The movement rate of the Aletsch landslide in Switzerland has increased significantly in the last few days, and is now about 80 cm per day


7 October 2016

Landslides in Art Part 28: Cantata Memoria – in memory of the Aberfan Disaster

Cantata Memoria is a musical composition by Karl Jenkins, released today, in memory of the October 1966 Aberfan landslide disaster in South Wales,


5 October 2016

Aletsch: a major developing post-glacial rockslide

A major post-glacial rockslide is developing on the flanks of the Moosfluh above the Aletsch Glacier in Canton du Valais in Swizerland


20 September 2016

A science story that just won’t die: the Canary Island Megatsunami scare rears its head once more

Like a zombie that refuses to die, the Canary Islands megatsunami scare story has once again re-emerged to the normal hysterical headlines


6 September 2016

Landslides in Art part 27: Louise Collis

Landslides in Art part 27: Louise Collis This is part 27 of my occasional Landslides in Art series – see the links at the bottom of the page for some earlier editions, including Part 26, Robyn Collier.  This time I am featuring a painting by the artist Louise Collis entitled Blaina Landslide. Louise is a landscape artist based in South Wales.  She describes herself as follows: Based in the South …


31 August 2016

Landslides from the 2016 Central Italy earthquake

alvatore Martino of CERI in Rome has kindly provided a first report and images of landslides triggered by the 24th August 2016 Central Italy Earthquake


26 August 2016

Two further videos of the Kleine Gaisl rockfall in Italy

Two new videos have been posted to Youtube showing the Kleine Gaisl rockfall events in the Dolomites of northern Italy last week


23 August 2016

Kleine Gaisl: a large rockfall in the Italian Dolomites

Last weekend Kleine Gaisl, a mountain in the Italian Dolomites, suffered a series of large rockfalls with a combined volume of about 700,000 cubic metres


13 August 2016

Freshwater: a nice landslide video from the Isle of Wight

Freshwater, Isle of Wight Isle of Wight Radio has a nice video, taken by a walker on the beach at Freshwater, of a cliff collapse event.  The video was uploaded onto Facebook by Phil Baldwin, who was collecting fossils on the cliff face.  ITV News has a nice report that provides more detail about what happened. Phil Baldwin has also uploaded some images of the aftermath of the landslide onto …


3 August 2016

Collapse of the Lord’s Rake boulder in the English Lake District

Earlier this week it was reported that the Chockstone, a famous wedged boulder on the Lord’s Rake in the English Lake District, has collapsed


28 July 2016

Illgraben debris flow video

A fantastic video has been posted on Youtube showing a very large debris flow in the Illgraben catchment in Canton Vallais, Switzerland.


29 June 2016

A massive secondary landslide in Devdoraki Gorge, Georgia

On 23rd June a massive secondary landslide occurred in the Devdoraki Gorge in Georgia, blocking the main road between Georgia and Russia. The landslide is a reactivation of a landslide deposit left in the river after a major landslide sequence in 2014,


25 June 2016

A peat bog landslide in Galway, Ireland

On Thursday night heavy rainfall triggered a peat bog landslide in Galway in the far west of Ireland, blocking a main road.


18 June 2016

Using climbing guides to examine changes in rockfall activity in the European Alps

In a recent paper, Temme (2015) has used descriptions of rockfall risk in Alpine climbing guides to examine the effects of climate change on the degradation of permafrost and the resulting increased occurrence of rockfalls.


13 May 2016

New landslide videos from the last few days, including an impressive rockfall at Mont Granier

Two new landslide videos have appeared on Youtube, including an impressive rockfall last weekend on Mont Granier in the French Prealps and a smaller collapse at Swimmer’s Delight in California


28 April 2016

Forecasting the time of failure: the Preonzo rockslide

In a wonderful new paper in the journal Landslides, Simon Loew and collagues describe the use of monitoring data to forecast the failure of the 2012 Preonzo rockslide in Switzerland


15 April 2016

Colonnata: a large collapse in a Carrara marble quarry in Italy

Yesterday a large rockfall occurred at a quarry for Carrara Marble at Colonnata in Tuscany, Italy, killing two quarry workers and injuring a third. Carrara Marble is the stone from which Michelangelo carved his sculpture David, and it is a prized building material worldwide.


29 March 2016

Sparmos Dam – a significant dam failure in Greece on Sunday 27th March

On Sunday 28th March 2016 the Sparmos Dam in Greece underwent an overtopping and breach event, damaging local fields and roads


17 March 2016

The Val Strem rockslide – a dramatic long run out landslide in Switzerland

On Monday night the Val Strem rockslide thundered off the Cuolm is da Vinci in Switzerland. This dramatic rockslide travelled about 1 km down the valley


27 February 2016

Vajont – La diga del disonore: the landslide scene

The Italian film Vajont – La diga del disonore (2001) provided a dramatisation of the events of the 1963 Vajont landslide disaster in 1963. The dramatic and harrowing landslide scene is now available on Youtube