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23 September 2015

AP Changes Policy On Labeling Climate “Skeptics”

A lot of us who write blogs about science face the issue of how to label those who think climate change isn’t real, or who think the science is all wrong. Just to be clear, virtually none of these folks have any background in atmospheric science, as several studies have clearly shown, but that still leaves the issue to be dealt with. I can tell you from my own experience …


17 September 2015

It Was The Hottest Summer On Record & 2015 Will Be As Well

NOAA announced today that the summer of 2015 was the hottest on record, beating last year which held the record for only 12 months. August 2015 was also the hottest on record. More from NOAA: The globally averaged temperature over land and ocean surfaces for August 2015 was the warmest August on record, 1.58°F (0.88°C) warmer than the 20th century average, and surpassing the previous record set in 2014 by …


15 September 2015

Arctic Sea Ice Reaches 4th Lowest Extent on Record

The summer sea ice melt has ended in the High Arctic, and the ice pack melted back to the 4th lowest extent on the satellite record. From the Nat. Snow Ice Data Center: On September 11, 2015, sea ice extent dropped to 4.41 million square kilometers (1.70 million square miles), the fourth lowest minimum in the satellite record. This appears to be the lowest extent of the year. In response to …


2015 Temperatures Head for the Record Book

So how does 2015 compare with the warmest year on record (last year). Hat tip to Sou at Hot Whopper for this. (FYI: AUG. was second hottest on record behind last year (.01C difference). and this info map from NWS Fresno on the biggest fire in California history: How dry is it? New paper in Nature Climate Change shows this is the lowest snow pack in the Sierra in 500 …


31 August 2015

When Comedians Are Doing The Job Reporters SHOULD be Doing

It’s not just John Stewart and Stephen Colbert, now you can add  Bill Maher who called out Rick Santorum, when he made a ridiculously false claim about climate science. Santorum “claimed” that a study showed 57% of scientist had doubts about whether CO2 controls our climate, and Maher responded with (quoting here) “I don’t know what ass you’re pulling that out of..” A little research online leads to the answer …


10 August 2015

Bad Science Is Always Fair Game

When Daily Show host John Stewart said goodbye last week he gave his fans some advice that I thought was excellent- If you see B.S., then say something. So, with that in mind, this is fair notice that while I steer away from policy, if a politician says something about science that is clearly wrong, then they deserve to be called on it. I did that with Mike Huckabee a …


9 August 2015

National Geographic Adjusts Arctic Maps To Account For Ice Loss

  The National Geographic Society has put out a press release about their recently updated Arctic maps, with a more realistic depiction of the muli-year ice pack. The animated gif above shows the dramatic and unprecedented change underway at the top of the world. Interestingly the Antarctic is different because instead of ocean you have land with thousands of feet of ice on top. As that land ice melts, it …


7 August 2015

Am I The Only One Who Noticed..

Knowing that NASA,NOAA, and EVERY major scientific society on Earth says that we must immediately reduce our emissions of Carbon, or risk dangerously changing the planet’s life support system, you’d expect that at least one question in the debate Thursday night would be about that subject. You’d be wrong. Now, I could understand skipping something real difficult, like is the Earth over a million years old?, or are the fossils …


2 August 2015

New Paper Shows Global Climate Model Errors are Significantly Less Than Thought

Imagine I look at a numerical weather model forecast that predicts the temp. at 5 PM the next day, will be 30C where I live. The next day, I go out at 5 PM and measure 29C instead. Was the model wrong? Probably, since models are just numerical representations of the atmosphere with some processes explicitly predicted, while other processes (like clouds) approximated from other model variables. There is also …


29 July 2015

USGS- The Chesapeake Bay Region Is Sinking While The Sea Rises

Sea level is rising rapidly around the Chesapeake Bay. Faster actually, than nearly any other place on the East Coast of North America, and only a few spots along the Gulf Coast are recording a faster rate. The reason has been suspected for quite a while, but now a new study published in the journal of the Geological Society of America has confirmed the cause, and the news is not good. …


27 July 2015

What’s Funny About That? Quite a Bit Actually!

 What happens when you write a blog that is so full of misinformation, and incorrect assumptions, that someone starts a separate a blog to correct the mistakes? Well, for one thing you get some good laughs, and at times a real feeling of Schadenfreude!  I’m talking about the blog What’s up With That (WUWT) and Hot Whopper which corrects the bad science posted there on a daily basis. If you don’t …


20 July 2015

NOAA: June 2015 Hottest On Record Globally

  From NOAA: The globally averaged temperature over land and ocean surfaces for June 2015 was the highest for the month of June since record keeping began in 1880. The first half of the year (January–June) was also record warm. (Last year 2014, was the hottest year on record, but so far 2015 is beating it, and with the strong El Nino underway, and CO2 levels past 400 ppm, the …


Peabody Coals World of Illusion

Clayton Aldern at GRIST has a look at the world of climate denial through eyes smeared with coal dust, and it’s rather frightening. You almost have to ask yourself if they really believe this stuff. Even when you make the “Upton Sinclair adjustment” (“It’s nearly impossible to convince someone of something when their paycheck depends on it not being so”), you are still left with the equivalent of someone holding their …


17 July 2015

State of The Climate Report Released

Every summer for the past 25 years the AMS publishes the State of the Climate Report in BAMS. I usually curl up in a cool place and read it and you can as well since the AMS has made it free to all to read. this year’s report has plenty of updated (and not good) news about our planet. From NOAA: In 2014, the most essential indicators of Earth’s changing …


15 July 2015

NASA: June 2015 ties with 1998 as Hottest On Record

As greenhouse gases rise, we get more record hot months, but they are even more likely during an El Nino. Just like 1998, we have a strong one developing now. So far, this year is the warmest ever (Last year is currently the record holder), and 2015 has already seen a the hottest ever March and May, with January and February coming in as second hottest ever. Below is a …


24 June 2015

Destroying the Most Persistent Scientific Myth In America

If anyone tells you that the warming we’ve seen over the past century is just a natural swing in Earth’s temperature, they are wrong. Absolutely and totally wrong.This widespread myth is a favorite of some politicians, but It’s been proven WRONG, and there is no scientific doubt about it. I’ve talked about this before and shown graphs etc. but Bloomberg Business did an excellent html web page that shows just …


6 June 2015

Amazing Greenland

I’ve been lucky enough to visit Greenland twice, and it is truly a place of amazing beauty. A friend who lives just a couple of blocks away from me here on the Eastern Shore of Maryland just got back from the 2015 operation Ice Bridge mission where the video below is from. Ice Bridge is filling in data on the changes in the ice sheets to cover the loss of …


4 June 2015

Slow Down, What Slow Down?

Update 9 PM June 14: NASA Climate expert Gavin Schmidt has a more technical explanation of the Karl paper today on Real Climate. I’ve chatted before with Tom Karl about how difficult it is to measure the planet’s temperature. Karl,who is the head of the NOAA National Centers for Environmental Information (Formerly known as the Nat. Climate Data Center) is probably one of the top five experts on this anywhere, …


An Online Course Every High School Science Student Should Take

John Cook at the University of Queensland (along with others) has produced a very good course about climate change and its denial. He also covers the consensus among scientists, and why the claims by the deniers are so laughably wrong. I keep up with the research, and have read a lot about the psychology behind why people will refuse to accept the obvious, but I still learned quite a few things I did …


1 June 2015

Something to Show your Neighbor Who Thinks Climate Change is a Hoax

One of the most common claims (by those who got their education about atmospheric physics staring at a computer screen in the basement) is that the increase in Antarctic Sea ice proves the planet is not warming. This myth is surprisingly widespread and persistent, and frequently gets mentioned on national news outlets that cater to people with a particular world view. Peter Sinclair, and the folks at the Yale Forum …