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27 September 2016

New research explores how wetlands and agriculture could be causing a global rise in methane

New research shows recent rises in methane levels in the atmosphere are most likely driven by biological sources, such as swamp gas, cow burps, or rice fields, rather than fossil fuel emissions.


The Only Science in The Debate

Since the whole world is talking about the debate, it’s worth mentioning the only science question that came up. Fact check: The images on the left were published on Slate. The tweet is apparently still there. Just to be clear every major science body on Earth has said the IPCC reports are good science. That includes NOAA/NASA, and The Royal Society/National Academies of Science, the American Meteorological Society, and the …


22 September 2016

Wye River: landslides in the aftermath of a forest fire in Australia

The small town of Wye River in Australia, which was devastated by a forest fire in December 2015, is being affected by many rainfall triggered landslides


21 September 2016

From Scientific Skepticism to Conspiracy Theory

Science is all about skepticism. We demand data, and ANY theory must be able to submit itself to an experiment that could possibly disprove it. If it cannot, then it is NOT science. If an experiment disproves it, then the theory is wrong, period. However, when you reach a mountain of well understood evidence, those who refuse to believe it are no longer skeptics. Some folks call them conspiracy theorists or …


20 September 2016

NOAA: Earth Has 16th Record Hot Month in a Row

From NOAA today: Global highlights: August 2016 The August temperature across global land and ocean surfaces was 1.66°F above the 20th century average of 60.1°F. This was the highest for August in the 1880–2016 record, surpassing the previous record set in 2015 by 0.09°F. August 2016 was the highest monthly temperature departure since April 2016 and tied with September 2015 as the eighth highest monthly temperature departure among all months …


16 September 2016

Arctic Ice Melt Reaches 2nd Lowest On Record

This press release from the National Snow and Ice Data Center this evening: BOULDER, Colo.—The Arctic’s ice cover appears to have reached its minimum extent on September 10, 2016, according to scientists at the National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC). Arctic sea ice extent on that day stood at 4.14 million square kilometers (1.60 million square miles), statistically tied at second lowest in the satellite record with the 2007 …


15 September 2016

Scientists investigate how atmospheric rivers may change as climate warms

A high-resolution climate model based at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) is able to accurately capture the ribbons of moist air that sometimes escape the sodden tropics and flow toward the drier mid-latitudes, allowing scientists to investigate how “atmospheric rivers” may change as the climate warms.


14 September 2016

The difficulty of predicting an ice-free Arctic

The Arctic is nearing its seasonal sea ice minimum this month, but predicting exactly when the region will see its first ice-free summer may be more difficult than previously believed, according to new research.


Randall Munroe at XKCD Puts it All in Perspective

Like most geeky people, I’m a big fan of the comic XKCD (along with Bloom County). Munroe has had some great ones but this ranks with the best. Almost all of civilization as we know it developed during what Brian Fagan called “The Long Summer“. He was talking about the very stable climate of the last 5,000 years. Take a look at the image below, and you’ll see that it …


13 September 2016

Hottest August On Record- NASA

NASA announced Tuesday that August 2016 was the hottest August ever measured on Earth, with records going back to 1880. It also ties July for the hottest month ever measured. Much of the Northeast U.S. also had the hottest August on record as well. It is now virtually certain that 2016 will pass 2015 as the hottest year on record. Notice in the image below how much hotter 2015 was …


6 September 2016

August in the Northeast U.S. One of The Hottest On Record

The cities in yellow (From NE Regional Climate Center) had the hottest August average temp. on record. It was also very dry in some areas, with well below average rainfall. Washington missed the record by 0.1 degrees F.   Across the country, August was the 21st consecutive month with more record highs than record lows! This itself is a new record. Meteorologist Guy Walton keeps track of this, and in …


1 September 2016

Extreme-weather winters are becoming more common in U.S., research shows

The simultaneous occurrence of warm winters in the West and cold winters in the East has significantly increased in recent decades. The damaging and costly phenomenon is very likely attributable to human-caused climate change, according to a new study.


31 August 2016

A note on Arctic sea ice loss

This is the latest in a series of dispatches from scientists and education officers aboard the National Science Foundation’s R/V Sikuliaq. Read more posts here. Track the Sikuliaq’s progress here. By Kim Kenny We probably won’t see much of this view during our trip – fragments of ice in the ship’s wake, a thin white sheet stretching to the horizon. We’re more likely to see the endless blue of 2°C …


30 August 2016

The demise of the Maya civilization: water shortage can destroy cultures

Something really drastic must have happened to the ancient Maya at the end of the Classic Period in the 9th Century. Within a short period of time, this advanced civilization in Central America went from flourishing to collapsing – the population dwindling rapidly and monumental stone structures, like the ones built at Yucatán, were no longer being constructed. The reason for this demise remains the subject of debate even today. Now, researchers at the Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien) may have found the explanation: the irrigation technology that served the Mayans well during periods of drought may have actually made their society more vulnerable to major catastrophes.


27 August 2016

What is it About Climate Physics That Makes Politicians Nuts

Two politicians: one right-wing, and one left wing, made stunningly ignorant statements about climate change in the past two weeks. A U.S. Senator from Wisconsin (Ron Johnson) claimed the globe is not warming and actually is cooling, while Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate for President claimed we will see “yards of sea level rise” in 50 years. First let’s talk about the sea level rise. This is a serious issue, …


25 August 2016

176 Years of Global Temperatures in One Image

From Ed Hawkins at The Univ, of Reading. The visualisation technique of ‘small multiples’ is often used to communicate a simple message. The above example shows maps of temperature change from 1850-2016 – the overall warming trend is obvious even though the details are fuzzy. Technical details: The HadCRUT4.4 dataset is used with anomalies from a 1961-1990 baseline period. An annual average for a particular grid cell and year is …


18 August 2016

NOAA Data Confirms NASA and Japan: July 2016 was Hottest on Record.

From NOAA: For the 15th consecutive month, the global land and ocean temperature departure from average was the highest since global temperature records began in 1880. This marks the longest such streak in NOAA’s 137 years of record keeping. The July 2016 combined average temperature over global land and ocean surfaces was 0.87°C (1.57°F) above the 20th century average, besting the previous July record set in 2015 by 0.06°C (0.11°F). …


17 August 2016

You’ll See More and More About Climate on TV Weathercasts. Here’s Why.

I’ve written about this subject many times here, but here is a nice video (from Peter Sinclair, and Yale Climate connections) explaining why broadcast meteorologists around the country can no longer ignore the changing climate.   You may recognize a few of us, depending on where you live.


15 August 2016

Another Melted Record- NASA Says July Hottest Month Ever Measured on Earth

From Gavin Schmidt at NASA on Twitter this afternoon: Every month in 2016 has set a new record in the NASA data, but July 2016 was not just a record for July, it was the hottest month recorded. NOAA data comes out later this week (They do an independent analyses). Raw data is here: GLOBAL Land-Ocean Temperature Index in 0.01 degrees Celsius base period: 1951-1980 sources: GHCN-v3 1880-07/2016 + SST: …


14 August 2016

Catastrophic Flood Event Underway In Louisiana

Thousands of people have been rescued, and thousands of others are trapped by flood waters in Louisiana tonight, as over 20 inches of rain fell starting early Friday and through the weekend. I’m going to post various images/data to put some context into what/why this is happening. These floods are not yet over, and the threat is now increasing in parts of Missouri and Illinois, where up to 6 inches …