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10 February 2016

Fude Village, China: six killed in a rockslide

Early on Monday morning six people were killed in a rockslide at Fude village in southern China.


11 January 2016

The weirdness of Mass Ejection Landslides in China

In the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake, a small number of mass ejection landslides have been described. Strangely, these have never been observed elsewhere.


23 December 2015

Videos of the Shenzhen landslide

I have pulled together a series of videos showing the Shenzhen landslide in Guangdong, China, and its aftermath.


22 December 2015

The Shenzhen, Guangdong landslide: a massive flowslide in construction waste

It is now clear that the Guangdong landslide was a flowslide from a huge pile of construction waste in a quarry about the industrial park.


12 December 2015

Two interesting landslide videos from Congjiang, China and Manali, India

Two dramatic landslides appeared on Youtube this week, a huge rockfall from Manali in India and a landslide destroying houses in Congjiang, China


16 November 2015

The Lidong Village landslide in Zhejiang Province, China

On Friday night the Lidong Village landslide in Zhejiang Province, China killed at least 25 people.


5 October 2015

The seismically triggered landslide dam in Honshiyan, Yunnan, China: a review of a new paper

In a just published paper, Zhang et al. 2015 describe the emergency works undertaken to mitigate the seismically triggered landslide dam at Honshiyan, Yunnan in China in 2014.


4 November 2014

Did You See This Space Picture??

You are on that blue and white ball in the left corner of the image. A rare pic of the Earth and Moon showing the backside of the Moon!


5 June 2013

China’s earthquake ruins: a memorial ghost town

Last month China unveiled an earthquake memorial park to commemorate the lives lost and damage wrought by the M7.9 Wenchuan earthquake that occurred 5 years ago this May. The Atlantic has a set of great photos showing the haunting site.   In addition to a brand new museum and memorial wall naming the >80,000 who lost their lives, the memorial includes the entire destroyed city of Beichuan, its crumbled and …