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13 August 2015

Shanyang landslide: a very complex slide

A new image has emerged of the Shanyang landslide in China, which appears to have been a complex dipslope failure triggered by mining. 65 people are missing.


12 August 2015

Shanyang County, Shaanxi: another mining-related landslide disaster in China

Early on Wednesday morning a major landslide at a vanadium mine in Shanyang County in Shaanxi Province China killed about 60 people. This is the latest in a long catalogue of mining-related landslides in China. Such disasters should be avoidable with proper slope management.


6 August 2015

Typhoon Soudelor – potential for landslides in China and Taiwan

Typhoon Soudelor is now expected to make landfall in central Taiwan on Friday and Saturday before moving on to strike China. This large storm has the potential to generate many landslides in both countries


29 June 2015

Daning River landslide: a video that is purported to show the failure event

CCTV has uploaded a video onto Youtube that reportedly shows the Daning River landslide in China last week as failure occurred


25 June 2015

Daning River: a landslide-induced tsunami accident on a tributary of the Yangtze

A landslide on the Daning River in China yesterday triggered a series of tsunami waves that sank 13 vessels, mostly fishing boats


17 May 2015

Reports of a massive ice – rock avalanche in Akto County, Xinjiang, China?

The Chinese news agencies are reporting a huge ice – rock avalanche in Akto County, Xinjiang, China. The reported volume is half a cubic kilometre!


3 December 2014

The Domkar Monastery landslide in Qinghai, eastern Tibet

In early November a spectacular and highly destructive rotational landslide occurred at Domkar Monastery in Tibet, destroying many buildings


11 November 2014

Review of a paper: The Donghekou landslide in China

A recent paper in Engineering Geology discusses the mechanisms of the Donghekou landslide in China, which killed over 700 people. A strange aspect of the landslide was the formation of fumeroles on the landslide deposit; these are believed to have been the result of oxidation of shales exposed by the landslide


4 November 2014

Did You See This Space Picture??

You are on that blue and white ball in the left corner of the image. A rare pic of the Earth and Moon showing the backside of the Moon!


9 October 2014

China: a new rockfall video from Guiyang, Guizhou and images of landslides from the Yunnan earthquake in August

A new rockfall video has appeared on youtube showing a collapse in Guiyang, China. In addition, some new images are now available of landslides from the Yunnan earthquake


6 August 2014

Yunnan earthquake: images of the valley blocking landslides

The government mapping agency in China has released satellite images of landslides triggered by the Yunnan earthquake earlier this week


26 July 2014

Guizhou and Nagano – the aftermath of recent landslides

Photographs have emerged of the aftermath of landslides in Guizhou in China and Nagamo in Japan. The landslides are very different but both were equally devastating


21 July 2014

Maoxian County landslide: a dramatic video of a fatal rockslide

On Thursday a rockslide occurred in Maoxian County in Sichuan Province, China. The terrifying moments of the landslide were captured on a dashboard camera


10 July 2014

Shawa mudslide: first pictures of another mining-related landslide?

Xinhua and other agencies have released images of the Shawa mudslide, Yunnan Province, which killed 17 people. It appears to be another mining-related slide.


9 July 2014

Shawa village: a significant mudslide in China

A mudslide in Shawa Village in Fugong County, Yunnan Province in China may mark the beginning of the unusually late landslide season across Asia


1 July 2014

Zhaotong City: a new landslide video

A good video has been released of a landslide in Zhaotong City, China on Saturday


5 June 2014

Moving mountains in China: a new paper in Nature

Moving mountains: a new paper in Nature reveals an enormous programme of mountain top removal in China to create land for development. The landslide potential from such a project is high


10 March 2014

UBC distinguished lecture powerpoint file: Earthquake-induced landslides – lessons from Taiwan, Pakistan, China and New Zealand

The powerpoint file from my UBC Geological Engineering Distinguished Lecture on Earthquake Induced Landslides


14 February 2014

Xinjiang earthquake: a good new image of the landslides

Another image has emerged of landslides triggered by the Xinjiang earthquake yesterday


13 February 2014

Xinjiang: Landslides from the M=6.9 earthquake in NW China yesterday

On 12 February 2014 a Mw=6.9 earthquake struck Xinjiang in China. Images are emerging of some of the landslides that it triggered.