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10 March 2014

UBC distinguished lecture powerpoint file: Earthquake-induced landslides – lessons from Taiwan, Pakistan, China and New Zealand

The powerpoint file from my UBC Geological Engineering Distinguished Lecture on Earthquake Induced Landslides


14 February 2014

Xinjiang earthquake: a good new image of the landslides

Another image has emerged of landslides triggered by the Xinjiang earthquake yesterday


13 February 2014

Xinjiang: Landslides from the M=6.9 earthquake in NW China yesterday

On 12 February 2014 a Mw=6.9 earthquake struck Xinjiang in China. Images are emerging of some of the landslides that it triggered.


29 July 2013

The China landslide car video – how did the occupants survive?

How did the passengers in the car filmed being hit by a soil fall in Shaanxi, China survive the landslide?


26 July 2013

Spectacular landslides from the Gansu earthquake this week

Images have emerged of spectacular flowslides triggered by the Gansu earthquake this week, whilst 13 people have been killed bost post-seismic landslides today


24 July 2013

Two dramatic new landslide videos from China

Two new videos on Youtube show landslides in China. One features the aftermath of a loess landslide, the other a rockslide above a community


22 July 2013

Landslides and liquefaction from the Cook Straits earthquake yesterday

The Cook Strait earthquake sequence of the last three days has generated a small number of landslides and liquefaction failures


17 July 2013

Sichuan’s summer of landslides

Heavy rainfall is continuing to trigger landslides across large parts of Sichuan Province in China, and more heavy rainfall is forecast for the next 2 days


12 July 2013

The deadly landslide in Sichuan Province this week and the prospects for typhoon Soulik

Images are now available of the landslide in Sichuan that killed at least 30 people, whilst Typhoon Soulik is bearing down on Taiwan and China


11 July 2013

Monsoon mayhem in Central China

Exceptional monsoon rainfall across Central China has caused very extensive damage, including many landslides, in the areas affected by the 2008 earthquake


5 June 2013

China’s earthquake ruins: a memorial ghost town

Last month China unveiled an earthquake memorial park to commemorate the lives lost and damage wrought by the M7.9 Wenchuan earthquake that occurred 5 years ago this May. The Atlantic has a set of great photos showing the haunting site.   In addition to a brand new museum and memorial wall naming the >80,000 who lost their lives, the memorial includes the entire destroyed city of Beichuan, its crumbled and …


26 May 2013

Landslides and large dams – there may be trouble ahead…

Many large dams will be constructed in and around the Himalayas in the next few years. This post examines the associated landslide threat


25 May 2013

So where is the lateral margin of the Laxiwa Hydropower Station landslide?

An analysis of imagery of the lanslides at the Laxiwa HEP in China. The stability of the slopes are a source of real concern


13 May 2013

A very dangerous reservoir bank landslide in China

A dangerous landslide has developed on the banks of the Laxiwa HEP station in China. The displacement to date is >25 metres and the mass is over 100 million cubic metres.


12 May 2013

The Wenchuan earthquake, five years on

Five years ago today the Wenchuan earthquake struck in China. This post reports on a new paper that reflects on what we have learnt from this event


27 April 2013

Landslide hazards in the aftermath of the Lushan earthquake in Sichuan

Information is now emerging about the response by the authorities to the threat of landslides in the upcoming rainy season in the area affected by the Lushan earthquake in Sichuan Provice, China


22 April 2013

Images of landslides from the earthquake in China

A collection of images of landslides from the earthquake in Sichuan. Whilst the level of lass from landslides is unclear, there is no doubt that they are causing disruption to the rescue efforts


20 April 2013

Initial reports of landslides from the earthquake in Sichuan this morning

Initial reports of the earthquake suggest that there are two landslide dams plus other landslides and dams. Images also suggest that there may have been foundation problems in some urban areas


17 April 2013

More information on the disastrous mining-induced landslide in Tibet a fortnight ago

Three analyses are now available about the mining-induced landslide in Tibet on 29th March, which shed light on the event


13 April 2013

So was the Tibet landslide, which killed 83 people, really “natural”? You be the judge

An official explanation for the Jiama mine landslide is that it was a natural event. Google earth images provide a different perspective, suggesting that it had been subject to the dumping of spoil from large-scale mining operations.