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31 December 2015

2015 through a geologist’s eyes

It’s the last day of my eighth year of blogging. I’ve had a pretty amazing year, and though I haven’t gotten to writing about every bit of it, I’ve amassed some great photos of my travels. So here are a few things you’ve already seen, and a preview of a few things yet to come!


22 November 2015

Vasquez Canyon: a new landslide in Santa Clarita, California

In the last few days an interesting landslide has developed in Vasquez Canyon in California, destroying a road


18 October 2015

Videos and images of the mudflows in the Tehachapi Mountains, California

Extreme rainfall on Thursday triggered mudflows in the Tehachapi Mountains of California. A number of videos caught the events as they developed, and there are some excellent galleries of images of the aftermath.


17 April 2015

Tearing through California Part 1: the Central San Andreas

On display in central and northern California is the┬árare and troublesome phenomenon that’s the mischievous cousin to sudden, wrenching earthquakes: slow, steady fault creep. Rather than remaining pressed firmly together until they lurch past each other in violent earthquakes, the two sides of a creeping fault glide gradually along, generally silently carrying along everything above them. The good news is that this process takes up strain that would otherwise be …