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22 December 2016

Passing along gratitude

Your research can have an impact in someone’s life…even if you’re not a great tipper.


21 December 2016

The hard ideas (science) of big fast waves (tsunamis) explained simply

One last cartoon from Miles Traer: “Inspired by the up-goer five comic from XKCD where I try to explain tsunami science using only the 1,000 most commonly used words in the English language and the AGU Fall Meeting 2016 session NH51D: Interdisciplinary Tsunami Science.”


20 December 2016

Dr. G’s #AGU16 Spotlight – Marcia McNutt and Convergence in the Geosciences

“Convergence” is defined as the integration of engineering, physical sciences, computation, and life sciences in order to bring about profound benefits for health, energy, and environment… It is time for the geosciences to embrace convergence, as our future depends upon it.


Dr. G’s #AGU16 Spotlight – Extreme climate events from 2015

Event types from 2015 include tropical cyclones, extreme sunshine, nuisance tidal flooding, snowpack
drought, forest fires, and Arctic sea ice extent in addition to heat, cold, precipitation, and drought.


15 December 2016

Cartoon: The Food Lover’s Guide to Volcanoes

Magma chamber meets the pantry.


Cartoon: What I say vs. what they hear

Dry scientific descriptions can be so…terrifying!


Dr. G’s #AGU16 Spotlight – Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell

Department of Interior Secretary Sally Jewell thanks scientists for all that we do, to stay the course, and to think about how to move forward with our communications


13 December 2016

Cartoon: Ancient Romans have invaded #AGU16

Yes, it involves a tardis.


Dr. G’s #AGU16 Spotlight – Prince Albert II of Monaco

Prince Albert II of Monaco voiced his concerns about human impacts on the planet, but shared that it is not too late to act to save our global ocean and to generate planetary stability


12 December 2016

Cartoon: Sharing science — aggressively

Sharing science is good.


Cartoon: If Shakespeare had written about light pollution

If Shakespeare had written on the “Death of Darkness” and anthropocene light pollution.


Cartoon: Stages of Dealing…with the Anthropocene

The Stages of Dealing…with the Anthropocene


31 August 2016

Mentors wanted for AGU Sharing Science Mentoring Program

“Just one meeting with your mentee during Fall Meeting… can make a big difference for a graduate student who doesn’t see an opportunity to do research *and* outreach”


5 July 2016

Odd behavior of Jovian moon dust could inform future space missions, search for life

New research into the movements of dust around Jupiter’s four largest moons could help scientists searching for life in our solar system, according to a new study. This moon dust around Jupiter could give scientists clues about the composition of the surface of its satellites.


22 June 2016

June 2016 AGU Meetings Committee

This post details my journey as a member of the AGU Meetings Committee, capturing highlights of what we accomplished during our June 2016 meeting about meetings!


11 May 2016

Does membership in an organization “matter” anymore?

Many organizations (dare I suggest all?) are going back and examining the value of membership and what that offers. Engaging students and the Millennials that make up the majority of the workforce (now surpassing Generation X) takes a different approach.


3 February 2016

Recognize an early-career geoscientist for excellence

Now that AGU is accepting nominations for this year’s awards (the deadline is March 15), I thought I’d throw out a pitch for the early career awards – and particularly the one that I’m most heavily involved in, the Science For Solutions Award.


1 February 2016

What happened to Ms. Gottschalk? Fall Meeting!

By Larry O’Hanlon A couple of weeks ago on this blog we shared some great student vlogging of AGU Fall Meeting experiences. At that time I noticed something peculiar about the vlogs of Portland State University undergraduate student Kimberly Gottschalk. In each new vlog post her appearance changed. She started with an almost a Victorian formality on the first day, and transformed gradually into what I suspect is her more …


22 January 2016

Sketch Your Science on Tumblr!

By Shane M. Hanlon If you attended Fall Meeting this year or followed AGU on social media, you may have noticed some hand-drawn depictions of scientists’ research. We asked scientists at the meeting to draw their research through our #sketchyourscience campaign.   Ever imagined your research as a piece of art? Well then #SketchYourScience at #AGU15! — Am Geophysical Union (@theAGU) December 16, 2015   We created a …


19 January 2016

Submit your Postcards from the Field!

By Shane M. Hanlon In mid-2014 we launched our Postcards from the Field campaign through our shiny-new Tumblr account where we asked you to share stories and photos from your field experiences. From the hundreds of postcards that have been submitted, we have learned about research from every continent and both poles. We’ve also created calendars from postcard images voted on by our members and the public. It’s that time of year again. Whether you’re in the …